What You Need to Know About Sectional Sofa

When completing your home with sofa, you need to concern about the room wide to fit with the sofa size and the interior look. The sofa which is too big for the room makes the room looks full and the room proportion is unbalanced. Therefore, it is fundamental to harmonize your room with the size of the furniture. That’s why the experts insist on understanding the parameters and invest on the best sofa bed or couch for home.

best sectional sofa for living room

If you have such a big living room, you may choose the sectional sofa without making your room being stuffy. The long shape of the sectional sofa can give the illusion to your room of being larger and longer. You may already know about the main practical use of the sectional sofa. However, this post will give you facts about the sectional sofa you may not know.

The origin of sectional sofa

The sectional sofa has already known since the Victorian era. However, its shape was not exactly as it is now. At that time, the sectional sofa had no corner pieces. Therefore, they were just the two or more sofa pieces that joined together. Then, in 1950, the sectional sofa was upgraded in a design employing the geometrical shapes. After that, the sectional sofa design has developed until it became what we see now.

Types of sectional sofa based on the shape

The sectional sofa is varied in the function types and the shape itself. In this section, we will learn about the sectional sofa shapes that generally differ in five variances.

  • L-shape sofa

This may be the most common sofa shape you commonly found everywhere. The L-shape sofa can be constructed from the one sofa and one loveseat, two loveseats, or two sofas.

  • Loveseat

As it name suggests, the loveseat sofa is the two sofas that are being put together. this sofa looks like a private seat for a couple.

  • L-shape sofa plus chaise

This type of sectional sofa may be is the most comfortable one for watching television, or put in front of the fireplace. The chaise that is usually found in the side pool or master bedroom can fit to stretch out our legs.

  • U-shape

The u-shape sofa is usually completed with the double chaises. The u-shape sofa can be found in rounded or square shape.  This type of sofa is also comfortable for the living room to do chat with the family members or friends.

  • Settee

The settee sectional sofa is identifiable with the high backing and arms and the diamond tufting. This diamond tufting may be found in the royal look sofa design in old English room decoration. The settee sofa is also generally purposed for two people. therefore, it has similarity with the loveseat sofa.

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