Find the Right Down Comforter for You

The qualities of a down comforter


  1. Down Comforter

In average, the regular comforter will comes from the underbelly of waterfowl like ducks and geese. It has the three dimensional structure that make each cluster of down comforter to trap air and keep you warm. You can’t get this advantage with synthetic materials.

  1. High Quality Down Comforter

It is very different than the average down comforter. The high quality of down comforter comes from a mature bird because the young down has a poor fill power and breaks down so easily. One thing for sure, there is no big and much useful difference in quality between grey and white down or duck and goose down.

The material that makes your down comforter

You must wanting the highest quality sleep and bedding. It is the main reason why you should get the best material only for your comforter. Here are some of the best materials that frequently being use on your down comforter:

  • Fabric

The barrier weave will be tightly woven and keeps it down without any chance to leaking out. It’s more than three times more leak-proof than the average fabrics. The tightly woven fabric itself is already designed to last and keep the down comforter in mint condition.

  • Thread Count

The count is refers to the number of threads per square inch of fabric. The higher the thread count means the finer and more tightly woven the fabric would be. In addition, it would feel softer, silkier and cozier either. The lowest thread count would be between 100 and 180 while the high quality cotton would count higher than 250. The luxury threads count range around 400 to 600.

Just in case if one of you has an allergic to feathers. Any suffer from feather are usually reacting to the dust, dirt and allergens from their bedding. While the down comforter already processed with the extensive cleaning process like hyper clean. The down comforter and the feathers should be washed, rinsed and dried several times before it comes to your hand. So, you don’t need to worry that your allergy may comeback when you are using the down comforter.